Tuesday, February 11, 2014

W E A R I N G / Logomania + Joining Dutch Vogue

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/ As of today, I am officially a member of team Dutch Vogue! It was an absolute honor to be asked to join their digital team and contribute to the site every week with some snapshots of what I'm wearing. These images are from my first post, and here's my introduction interview. Thank you for the warm welcome Vogue!

I don't really pay attention to sizes; in my wardrobe you'll find enormous grandpa coats, shirts from the kids department and also these trousers in size 44(literally ten sizes too big). I found them at COS and saw the possibilities; with two small adjustments it has become an oversized, asymmetric pair of wrap trousers. Wore it them with my vintage Calvin Klein tee, which makes it all look so nineties-logomania and loud that the outfit didn't need much else of anything.

tee: vintage Calvin Klein
trousers: altered COS
sandals: Topshop

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