Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I N T E R I O R / Invincible Invisible

 photo loveaestheticsinvisible000.jpg

Spring calls for some rearranging. I like to decorate without using any decorative objects. The chair, clothes hanger, magazines and lamps all have clear functions and the soon to be empty clear cans will serve as little vases for individual spring flowers.
clear chair: Hema (old)
clear cans: Chinese supermarket
lights: local lamp store

Saturday, March 1, 2014

A C C E S S O R I E S / Mini Backpack For Essentials

 photo loveaestheticskara1.jpg

 photo loveaestheticskara111.jpg

 photo loveaestheticskara11.jpg

I'm predicting that this little baby will become a regular for spring/summer 2014. All my (tourist)essentials fit perfectly into this small backpack; my DSLR camera, wallet and my sunglasses case.

Just last fall/winter Sarah Law, launched the first collection of her handbag label Kara. Four main styles including this backpack come back every season in new iterations. I love how basic this piece is yet how many different personalities it can take on with the different materials used for it(mesh, leather, lambskin shearling). What is also new about this particular one from Kara's upcoming spring collection is it's smaller size; which I think is quite perfect and also forces you to bring nothing more than only your essentials. Thank you Sarah for the wonderful bag!
Bag: courtesy of Kara

Monday, February 24, 2014

W E A R I N G / Spring Means No Pants

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSspring0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring00-1.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring0000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsspring00000.jpg

Spring is here! Which means no pants.
My legs got to see daylight for the first time in 2014 much earlier than expected. And even though I utterly enjoy waking up to the sound of birds, seeing blossoms on the trees and enjoying a 15°C sunny day, a worrying feeling that there is something very wrong overshadows it all, there hasn't been a winter, it's full on spring in February; we're witnessing climate change.
jacket: Muji
sweatshirt: Uniqlo
slit skirt: &OtherStories (similar)
bag: &OtherStories
shoes: Weekday
glasses: Sunbuddies

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spring Summer 2014 Prints For The Boys!

Below: Prints for summer 2014? Zara and Peter Pilloto for Target has amazingly affordable and fun printed sneakers for warmer days ahead!

Below: Saw this olive green floral patterend Gucci tote this weekend... love at first sight...
Spring Summer 2014 Prints For The Boys: Zara, Peter Pilotto for Target And Gucci

Prints are a definite must have for Spring Summer 2014. Not only for the girls but also for the boys. There has never been a better time to inject some flamboyance and colour to usher in the new warmer months. From florals to graphic patterns, prints appear on almost any aspect of the wardrobe... Shoes, shirts, trousers, bags and more.  Wear them for vacations, hit the beaches... Injecting colours and pattern will excite any wardrobe and give new dimension to your style.

Here’s some great pieces I found to help kick start your summer prints adoption...

1) Nothing better than shoes to wear prints and florals. Footwear in patterned designs will always be fun and not an overkill. Sneakers and slip-ons are perfect for casual days outdoors enjoying the sun. While hitting the stores this weekend, I spotted 2 graphic and floral print sneakers from Zara which is visually appealing and easy on your pockets. One features a floral pattern in browns and taupe while the other is an exciting green hue geometric pattern. I love them! At SGD109... definitely worth considering for the new season. Besides Zara, Peter Pilotto for Target’s affordable and chic collection includes 2 interesting patterned slip-ons. Again, one in floral and one in a monotone geometric pattern. At USD40 on Net-a-porter, they are summertime’s best buys! Just buy a couple of sizes up if you are a guy, since the collection is for the fairer gender.

2) Canvas totes are summertime’s best companion. And with floral prints, they become summertime’s most appropriate and formidable style statement. I love Gucci’s olive green floral canvas tote (Euro695... and Singapore’s Gucci store has them in stock!). Using a olive tone background retains masculinity to the otherwise feminine pattern and tone them down jus right for the boys. And if budget allows, the tote cum backpack design in perforate floral print leather is functional and cool.

Time to welcome sunny days with patterns!

Source: Zara, Net-a-porter, Gucci

Thursday, February 20, 2014

D I Y / Double Bead Choker






Hardware and clear plastic, delicate vs chunky. My cup of tea!
Although beads are quite a staple ingredient when you think of DIY, I honestly never really knew what to do with them as besides being decorative I didn't see a clear purpose for them. But when going through some old DIY supplies and coming across these two ice-cube lookalikes, suddenly I knew just how to put them to good use. Here's the super simple, 3 step instructions to my double beaded, rose gold choker necklace.

1/ Measure how long you want the choker to be by putting a measuring tape around your neck. keep in mind that the opening should be around as wide as your neck so you can still can take off the necklace.
2/ Cut the metal bar to the right length and bend it around something round. I used a can of paint.
3/ Fill the beads with glue and put the ends of the copper bar through them. Let them dry and you're all done!

/ thin copper bar
/ two beads
/ super glue (clear)
/ pair of pliers

Monday, February 17, 2014

L I F E / Inspiration in Menswear

 photo loveaestheticsxmenswear.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsxmenswear2.jpg

Lately menswear is becoming more like womenswear. Where changes per season are often seen in big ways; a drastic change of silhouette, color, print or theme. Whereas the changes in the menswear would often be more subtle, about what kind of stitching, tailoring, button placement, slight changes in proportions; a higher hem, an exposed ankle. Menswear has a certain delicacy to it.

The way men dress changes less or slower per season, compared to women. If the cliché of men rarely shopping is true (that they know what they are missing in their wardrobe, buy it and get out) you could say that my shopping behavior is quite manly. I never dedicate an entire day to shop. When I need something, I order it online or go straight to the store and rack where I can find it. You won’t catch me in a store trying on piles of clothes for fun. The men’s department always looks more ‘boring’ than the women’s department, because it is filled with mostly basics in basic colors.

I still find it immensely inspiring to look for these subtle whispering details on the classic pieces in the menswear shows, my boyfriend's closet or in stores as opposed to flicking through the often loud and ever changing womenswear collections. Menswear is still kind of a safe haven and a place to enjoy fashion in a less hysterical and fast way.

Also the practicality of menswear inspires me immensely. You should see the depth of the pockets in my oversized wool mens coat; they fit my wallet, my glasses including their case, some cosmetics and even my camera. MY. CAMERA. No need to even bring a bag. Isn’t it kind of anti-feminist that often form comes before function in womenswear?

shirt: Raf Simons via Tres Bien
jacket: Muji

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

W E A R I N G / Logomania + Joining Dutch Vogue

 photo loveaestheticslogomania.jpg

 photo loveaestheticslogomania0.jpg

/ As of today, I am officially a member of team Dutch Vogue! It was an absolute honor to be asked to join their digital team and contribute to the site every week with some snapshots of what I'm wearing. These images are from my first post, and here's my introduction interview. Thank you for the warm welcome Vogue!

I don't really pay attention to sizes; in my wardrobe you'll find enormous grandpa coats, shirts from the kids department and also these trousers in size 44(literally ten sizes too big). I found them at COS and saw the possibilities; with two small adjustments it has become an oversized, asymmetric pair of wrap trousers. Wore it them with my vintage Calvin Klein tee, which makes it all look so nineties-logomania and loud that the outfit didn't need much else of anything.

tee: vintage Calvin Klein
trousers: altered COS
sandals: Topshop

Gucci Floral Print Mens Shoes For Spring Summer 2014

Below: With Floral prints taking centre stage in Spring Summer 2014 Menswear key trends, shoes are the best way to hop on this style statement without suffering from overkill and looking like a wannabe. Gucci's 1953 Horsebit loafers is classic and made even more fun with colourful paisley motifs!

Below:Even sporty sneakers are getting a touch of flower power at Gucci... Love the olive green floral print high top!
Gucci Floral Print Mens Shoes For Spring Summer 2014

A bohemian spirit is in the air for Spring Summer 2014... Floral prints are running amok this season. Girls are no longer exclusively enjoying this feminine pattern. Boys are now getting them in all sorts of variety, fearless in embracing some flamboyance to their style. Many brands are propagating flower power on the runways, from Prada to Dries Van Noten and also Gucci. From bold graphic versions to soft romantic designs, there is no denying guys love their florals as much as the ladies.

Embracing this prominent trend for SS2014 in smaller doses is the best way to not suffer an overkill in clashing patterns. Ready to wear may look wannabe on many guys. So I recommend shoes as the best way to express your flower statement without trying too hard. Gucci's SS2014 floral prints on their mens shoes has the right blend of masculine sophistication with summer friendly flamboyance for any savvy gentlemen.

I love the Gucci 1953 Horsebit Loafer in Paisley Canvas (USD590), in gorgeous tones of teals and beiges. The gold hardware accent adds a right amount of bling while the classic shape ensures timeless style. If you want an evening appropriate design, go for the Flower Print Jacquard Evening Moccasin (USD595) in mauve purple hue which is both romantic and outstanding.

For the sporty types, there are perforated leather sneakers (USD595) or canvas high-tops (USD525) spotting floral motifs against olive green tones balancing masculinity with the flamboyance.

However, my heart rests with the canvas espadrilles (USD260) which at such a good price will make for a handy summer vacation footwear sans a huge dent in your wallet.

All that is left is to plan a holiday for a good reason to get these gorgeous Gucci shoes!

Source: Gucci

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Montblanc Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Special Guy

Below: Montblanc Valentine's Day selection for the discerning who wants the best 
for their special guy...

 Montblanc Valentine's Day Gifts For Your Special Guy

The time has come again to show your special someone how much you care for them. And Valentine’s day is the day to indulge that special person in your life with some much deserved gifts.

With just days away from Valentine’s day, Montblanc will make your gifts of love matter. Their mens selection for Valentine’s Day will definitely be treasured and remembered.

Make a statement of your timeless devotion during the season of love with the simple elegance of
Montblanc’s Star Classique Steel-Gold watches, crafted to perfection with traditional Swiss precision and classical aesthetics. Inspired by those who truly belong together, this pair of his and hers warm red gold and cool stainless steel-accented timepieces are an eternal affirmation of the special bond shared between both of you.

Document your journey of love with the finest writing instruments in the world, beginning with the stunning Heritage Collection 1912 Fountain Pen, a handsome masterpiece that honours Montblanc as the traditional purveyor of quality and heritage. The precious black resin cap and barrel are decorated with polished platinum-plated fittings; the understated aesthetics belying the intricate geometry and precision engineering within a truly avant-garde writing instrument.

Add professional style to the man in your life with Montblanc’s Meisterstück Selection leather collection. This masterfully crafted range of quality leather briefcases , document portfolios and wallets, is available in new colours such as elegant flannel, warm cognac and rich burgundy, allowing the connoisseur to add a touch of personal flair to business essentials.

With such exquisite selections for Valentine’s Day, make your guy fall in love with Montblanc and you even more:-)

Source: Montblanc

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I N T E R I O R / Old CDs as Mirrored Coasters

 photo loveaesthetidsCDCoasters.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsCD0.jpg

Instead of throwing away those old CDs and DVDs, I use them as coasters. While cleaning out old and damaged discs, I didn't want to throw away these iridescent and mirrored objects. They catch the light so beautifully when they are lying on the glass table holding a glass of water and the sun shines on them through the window. It is one of those little things that I can immensely enjoy.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A C C E S S O R I E S / Elevated Birks

 photo loveaestheticsplatfrombirks0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsplatformbirks00.jpg

Adding something rarely results in something that is better. Though this elevated take on the Arizona Birkenstock might be an exception. The platform gives you just a tiny bit of extra height and literally lifts the entire sandal to a new level. Also like that the hardware is white and visually blends in with the white leather. Will not wait for better weather to wear these.

got them here
(also come in black)

Coach Mercer Drafters Tote And Mercer Collection

Below: Handsome and functional with a touch of classic charm... I love Coach's new Mercer Collection for Spring Summer 2014. The Mercer Drafters Tote in racing green is just on cue for the popularity of greens we see in abundance at Mens Fashion Week in Europe...

Coach Mens Spring Summer 2014 Mercer Collection

The colour green has been a strong favourite during the recent FW2014 mens fashion week in Europe. More intense than your military olive and yet less predictable than your failsafe black, deep green, especially in a forest green tone is the hue of the moment.

Which brings me to this new Spring Summer 2014 Mens Coach bag that I just spotted, both for its colour and the simple functional design. Check out the Coach Mercer Leather Drafters Tote in Racing Green (SGD1195). Classic shape reinvented with modern details and a unique colour, while retaining a touch of yesteryear. I love those brass hardware styling on the handles - A brass ring and buckle over the handle straps add character and warmth to the design. Using a different colour for handles and the body of the bag also inject depth to the bag. Handsome and useful, the Coach Mercer Drafters Tote will make a great everyday bag or even the ideal gift for your special man this Valentine’s Day.

Remember to also look out for other equally appealing men’s bags from Coach’s New Mercer collection. The Mercer Leather Craftsman’s Tote in Saddle (SGD1,395) that feature rolled handles (over the predictable flat ones) are a standout. In a tan brown shade called Saddle, this bag has the right blend of function and classic charm. For the office, the Mercer Leather Banker’s Brief in Saddle (SGD1195) with a contrast coloured buckle strap and those ‘vintage’ inspired brass hardware will impress in and out of the boardroom.

Below: The new Mercer Leather Craftsman's Tote has a rolled handle in a beautiful shade of tan coloured brown...

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

W E A R I N G / Short Hair and Long Coat

 photo loveaestheticspastel0000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticspastel00.jpg

Chopped off quite some centimeters off my hair, it has been hovering around shoulder length for years and this is the first time it reaches a bit above the shoulder. Main reason was to keep it healthy so I was sad to see a bit of length go, but now I like it more than expected (and luckily it is still just long enough to be tucked into my coats and jackets).

Making this turtleneck box top is what kept me up two nights ago. I found a really nice mesh which is more like a fine square gauze than it is a fabric which was perfect for these boxy stiff garments.
coat: COS(old, similar)
mesh turtleneck: made by me
trousers: thrifted
trainers:Nike Air Max 1 glow in the dark
bag: DIY

Friday, January 31, 2014

B E A U T Y / 'Stories Cosmetics

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSstoriescosmetics.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSstoriescosmetics00.jpg

 photo LOVEAESTHETICSstoriescosmetics000.jpg

You might have already heard that &OtherStories is opening a store in Amsterdam this fall on Heiligeweg. What might still be a little underrated about them is their cosmetics department. It is great. There is just so much effort in it; from the scents to the colors matching their clothes and don't get me started on the graphic design on their packaging, I love the simplicity of it. Another great thing is that they take some responsibility for the environment; most of the packaging is fully recyclable and if you bring back your empty make up/skincare packaging to the store, you get a 10% discount off your next beauty purchase.

When visiting them in Stockholm last October for the Co-Creatives project, I got a box filled with their skin care products. These are my three favorites, very happy about having them available closer to home soon.

/ Moiré Anti stress serum
My favorite thing about it is its fresh, unisex, clean laundry type of smell. Has a really smooth consistency and is absorbed quickly into the skin.

/ White nail polish
Applies like a dream, hardly leaves any streaks and has great coverage. Two things that are extremely rare in white nail polish. Though it chips of quite quickly, so you have to apply a good quality top coat over it to keep your nails white for a couple of days.

/ Plush Balm
Super rich, fragrance and paraben free lip balm. I've also been using it on my hands (which can get so dry in winter) a couple of times when I had no cream in my purse.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Year Of The Horse!

Wishing All My Readers A Prosperous Lunar New Year Of The Horse!

It's the first day of the year of the Horse... And I want to wish all my readers a fantastic 2014 with lots of luck, wealth and health. Many more bag and fashion wishes fulfilled. To another great year for all of us! Gong Xi Fa Cai:-)

Best wishes, Kevin

W E A R I N G / Last Year In London

 photo loveaestheticslondonfashionweekfeb2013.jpg

A time when everyone just happens to be in the same place at the same time. And everyone tries to cram in as many meetings, appointments, shows and events as possible in only a few days. That's fashion week. The schedules of the shows have just been released and the planning has begun. I'm planning to keep it calm, I've never been a fan of the madness and always only go to the events of the people and brands that I love. Nonetheless, it still takes quite some emailing, calling to make it all work.

While I'll spend my day puzzling away with the agenda, here's are some pictures from last year, February 2013 at London Fashion week taken by Claudiu Berechet for an interview with Stylefan.
bomber: Filippa K
trousers: H&M
nose piece: Maison Margiela
dress worn as top: American Apparel

Monday, January 27, 2014

N O V E L T Y / Jef Montes Ritualistic First Show 'Illuminosa'




Attending the Jef Montes show at Vodafone Firsts Fashion Lab was like attending a ritual from another planet.

The image of a burning communion candle appears behind the runway. The first girl comes out, holding two blue tubes in her hands like candles and steadily walks down the runway to a slow beat. Halfway she suddenly, yet slowly turns around the tubes and blue ink starts pouring out over her chest, staining the white gauze dress and leaving a blood like trail behind on the runway (see video!). The following models step through the ink, staining the bottom of their gowns and shoes and spreading the blue fluid.

Dripping wet hair and bleached brows. The blue fiberglass pieces are so shiny and smooth in the way they move that they seem liquid. The references to traditional catholicism and this high tech futuristic outcome. Hearing Jef explain all his hard work and thoughts behind it personally (little details like; embroideries are on the left side because that's where your heart is), and seeing the finished product of his ideas right next to him was incredibly moving.

The amount of techniques, the extensive fabric researching that has gone into this collection blew my mind. Fiberglass weavings, burnt silk to create a pattern, steaming and heating synthetics to make the fabric bulge and appear wet, tiny tiny beaded details, hand painted fiberglass panels, wool binded to fiberglass just to name a few things. No matter how many backstage pictures, ultra close ups or live videos you show, there is nothing like seeing these couture pieces in real life. Kudos to Jef.
/ thanks to Vodafone
/ backstage photos by Romeo

Sunday, January 26, 2014

D I Y / Two Way Minimalistic Pouch

 photo LoveAestheticsDIYMINIMALCLUTCH0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsDIYMINIMALCLUTCH00000.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsDIYMINIMALCLUTCH0000-1.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsDIYMINIMALCLUTCH000.jpg
The instagrammers among us already know that last week I've been making little paper samples of pouches and bags. Products that allow different interpretations are always my favorites, and so was this simplistic idea for a bag. You can actually wear this clutch/pouch three ways; with your hand through the slit, holding the pouch like on picture two and the third; putting your arm through it like a sleeve.

/ 1.
The pattern of this little bag is extremely simple, by looking at the images I'm sure you'll figure it out. Decide how large you want the clutch to be. Mutliply the height of the clutch times 3, this will be the length of your pattern. Add 5 cm more cm to this length to give extra space to for the overlapping flap. Add 10 cm (5cm on each side) to the width of your clutch. Then cut off 5 cm from each side for the first two thirds of this length on both sides. It should now look like image number four.
/ 2.
You'll pattern consists of two parts; the narrow longer rectangle. And the larger front flap which will also serve as a closure with its slit. The large front flap needs to be extra stiff to keep the bag in shape, and it should look the same on the inside and out. Therefor, glue a rectangular piece of the same material on the inside of the flap. Put a couple of heavy books on top so it dries in a very flat way. Cut a slit that is exactly as wide as the narrow part of the bag 10 cm from the edge of the front flap.
/ 3.
Fold over the long narrow part and sew it together on both sides, creating a little pouch. Pull the pouch through the slit and you're done!
/ superglue
/ sewing machine / needle thread
/ a stiff material, eg. leather, faux leather, neoprene, thick vinyl

Montblanc at SIHH2014: New Novelty Timepieces And Hugh Jackman As Brand Ambassador

Below: Hugh Jackman has been named Montblanc's new brand ambassador! The 45-year-old actor will be featured in the brand’s forthcoming advertising campaign. Definitely something to look forward to for old and new Montblanc fans!
Below: Hugh Jackman wore this limited edition Montblanc Meisterstuck Heritage Perpetual Calender watch at the SIHH2014 event and he described it as a timelessly elegant piece with great features... Agreed! Spoken like a true brand ambassador:-)
Below: Besides news of Hugh Jackman for Montblanc... 2 new novelty timepieces are unveiled for the watch connoisseurs... check out the Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase and the New Montblanc TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph DLC. Both are equally amazing in innovation and functionality as does their looks...
SIHH2014: Montblanc Unveils 2 New Novelty Timepieces And Hugh Jackman As The new Brand Ambassador!

Big news have been announced over at Montblanc during the recently over SIHH2014 (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie). Not only are 2 amazing novelty timepieces unveiled at the recent event, but most importantly.... Hugh Jackman has been named the new brand ambassador!

What an exciting celebrity to be get onboard with the brand. Hugh Jackman has been one of the most respected actors of our time, reprising roles as diverse as superhero Wolverine and then artistic rendetion of Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. His acting talent is undisputed and his appeal definitely across a varied spectrum of ages and regions. Of course, Hugh Jackman being blessed with handsome looks and stature will no less showcase Montblanc to even new heights and fans.

“We are delighted to announce this partnership, and welcome Hugh Jackman into the Montblanc family. He represents all the attributes of the Montblanc brand: elegant, talented, pioneering and committed to the arts. He inspires and enthrals audiences worldwide with the quality of his performances.” Montblanc’s international CEO Jérôme Lambert.

Look out for the award winning actor in the brand’s forthcoming advertising campaign. Definitely something to look forward to for all Montblanc fans!

Before we get all too excited about Hugh Jackman for Montblanc, also rejoice at the 2 new novelty timepieces that debuted at SIHH2014.

1) Montblanc Star Twin Moonphase
Combining refined round cases, impeccable quality and traditional decorative techniques, the timepiece is staged by a high-quality automatic movement with a pointer date, and is a special interpretation of a moon-phase display that shows the changing faces of our Earth’s satellite both as they appear to observers in the Northern Hemisphere and as they look from the perspective of those in the Southern Hemisphere.

2) The New Montblanc TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph DLC

In celebrating the 10th anniversary of the TimeWalker collection, Montblanc  unveiled the new Montblanc TimeWalker Extreme Chronograph DLC. This timepiece features a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on its stainless steel case, which gives the case’s surface an element of supreme toughness. The black of the new TimeWalker chronograph´s case continues on the large planar dial, which expresses the artistry of the cadraniers, as dial-makers are known in specialized horological language. Furthermore, the timepiece is accentuated by a set of anthracite-grey ruthenium-coloured hands that clearly contrast with the midnight-black background. Complementing the watch is a sporty yet elegant strap, with an inlay made of black “Vulcarboné” cautchouc, giving the wristband extreme strength and flexibility.

This one I am extremely drawn to... masculine and tough... I love the sleek all-black look!

Source: Montblanc

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEW: Hermès Hydra And Hector Bracelets

Below: New Hermès bracelet designs to covet... Check out these minimalist Hydra Bracelets with an understated appeal!

New: Hermès Hydra And Hector Bracelets

We have all been too familiar with our favourite Hermès bracelets. Yes, Collier De Chien, Kelly Double Tour and Kelly Dog bracelets have been a staple in many Hermès fans’ collection. But how many of the same design can you stock up over the years? I am afraid 3-5 of the same design is already one too many. That is why Hermès constantly updates with fresh designs to keep fans happy and the buying frenzy ongoing. From micro Kelly Double Tour, Rivale to Kelly Dog Extreme, we have seen redux of classics with new proportions. But for this season, look out for entirely new Hermès bracelet designs which get a modern makeover.

Check out the amazingly minimalistic Hermès Hydra bracelets (USD470 or SGD730). Secured by a simple twist-lock metal rod hardware, this new design has just the right blend of understated luxury and bling. So simple, it makes a quiet appeal of its own. Available in gold or palladium with an array of gorgeous Hermès leather colours to choose from. I can definitely foresee myself adding one to my wrist very soon especially I have witness how good it looked on me last weekend:-P. Love the width (which is broader than a KDT but narrower than a CDC), a good sized casual weekend accessory for sure.

The other new design that catches my eye is the Hermès Hector Bracelet (USD405 or SGD630). A double tour leather strap, retaining a certain ‘rawness’ and flanked by a ‘button’ Clous De Selle hardware. The broader strap width definitely work proportionately better on a guy’s wrists while the non-stitched leather edges has a tougher look. Barenia coloured leather is especially perfect for this design.

So which of these 2 new Hermès bracelet will catch your eye? I know I want both!

Below: I love the 'raw' appeal of these Hermès Hector bracelets... Perfect for guys!
More pics of Hermès Hydra and Hector Bracelets on my facebook fanpage. 'LIKE' my fanpage if you enjoy reading this post.

Source: Hermès

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

W E A R I N G / Cut-Off Trousers = New Opportunities

 photo loveaestheticsblok0.jpg

 photo love-aesthetics-blocks-2.gif

 photo loveaestheticsblocks0000.jpg

Quite a chunk has been chopped off my recently thrifted trousers (before). The fact that a pair of perfectly fitting trousers is such a rare thing, had me doubting to work them with my scissors. Yesterday I finally trimmed off about about 20cm. Their new length creates a completely different silhouette and a lot of footwear-sock-layering opportunities. In all honesty, I was wearing my air max with these socks instead of these sandals. But you can count on it, when spring comes I'll be flip-flopping all over the place.
trousers: thrifted
sweatshirt: T by Alexander Wang (on sale here)
socks: Asos
sandals: DIY