Saturday, November 30, 2013

DFS Scottswalk Singapore End Of Season Sale Has Started!

Below: DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore End of Season Sales has started:-P Many brands are on sale for up to 30% off... And read on for the sale dates for coveted brands such as Givenchy and Loewe too!

It's Shopping Time: DFS Galleria Scottswalk End Of Season Sale Has Started!

DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore has started their Fall Winter 2013 End Of Season Sales. Perfect timing to get those Christmas gifts for your friends and family while shopping a whole new party wardrobe for yourself!

With up to 30% off of brands from Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Coach, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tods, Marc By Marc Jacobs and many more... you never run out of options! Do also keep in mind, the much awaited Givenchy and Loewe sale will commence later on 6 Dec. Look out for coveted pieces such as the Givenchy Antigona Shopping Tote with Maddona Print (30% off SGD1300) or  Givenchy Big Zipped Pouch with one side B&W woven leather and the other sexy lace (30% off SGD790). Ladies, if you are an Loewe Amazona bag fan, there will be one on sale at 30% off from SGD2790 come 6 Dec too!

Meanwhile, shop the other brands and don't miss out a good deal! Check out my FB page for my picks from the sale:-)

Click here for my picks from DFS Galleria Scottswalk Singapore End Of Season Sales on my facebook fanpage. 'LIKE' my fanpage if you enjoy reading this post.

Source: DFS

L I F E / To Give And Take

 photo LoveAestheticsgive.jpg

It's hard to believe that there is only one month left of 2013. And this last month can be quite a stressful and crazy period, where the city always seems to be crowded with people who are trying to buy their way into a nice Christmas; the perfect outfit, the perfect gift, the perfect wish list.

Usually I specifically ask for nothing but risk getting something I do not want by those gritty Christmas givers. So here is some -relatively- useful stuff, in slightly more luxe versions than usual, to either give or take. Some of these things I already own like the lovely Claustrophobic notebooks, which are used to write very special memos and love letters. Take notes Santa.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany Collection

Below: Newly launched in November, Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany collection blending the ancestral skill of Italian artisans with contemporary design for a collection of ‘power executives’ befitting bags and accessories... all crafted in supple and strong buffalo leather...
The New Leather Goods collection from Montblanc: Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany

Like I mentioned before, I have a fascination over mens work bags. Perhaps that explains why I am a huge fan of TV series involving smart successful good looking men, the likes of Suits, Mad Men and my favourite... White Collar. (Ok, the last one is not exactly a legitimate professional...but Neal Caffrey does dress to look the part to succeed in his ruse:-P)

The idea of male power dressing evokes a certain appeal and sexiness:-P I am drawn to successful people in general.

A smart suit and well pressed shirt is nothing without the right work bag to complete the look. Every successful professional need that refined briefcase or matching accessories to impress and leave the good impression. And for Christmas, there is nowwhere more appropriate to buy for yourself or look for gifts for your friends in this calibre than Montblanc.

Launching just this November, the NEW Montblanc Meisterstück Tuscany collection blends the ancestral skill of Italian artisans with contemporary design for a collection of ‘power executives’ befitting bags and accessories. Each is crafted with the authentic beauty of buffalo leather. The new collection which includes 11 products, in Terra and Nero colours, such as wallets, business card and passport holders and briefcases, all bear the legendary strength and extraordinary suppleness of the this leather. Every skin is unique, revealing the animal’s life through an entirely individual pattern of natural marks and creases. In a sense, therefore, every Meisterstück Tuscany item has its own story to tell, even before its proud owner makes it his companion for life…

My picks from the collection? The slim hand-held document case with a matching card holder will make yourself even more imposing at work or better, when presented as Christmas gifts move you up your successful friend’s close aquaintances list.  Connections are as priceless as first impressions in the corporate world:-P

Prices range between 115€ and 1450€. Available at Montblanc boutiques in Singapore now.

Below: The classic double gusset briefcase has been Montblanc's best seller... now made even better with the new authentic beauty of buffalo leather...

Source: Montblanc

Christian Louboutin Dada Flats in Multi-colour + Louis Men's Flats Primevere

Below: A case of great minds think alike? Who cares... I just liked the new woven leather 'laundry bag' checks pattern on Christian Louboutin's new Spring Summer 2014 mens shoes!

Great Minds Think Alike: Christian Louboutin Dada Flat in Multicolour and Louis Men's Flat Primevere

Just attended the press preview of Christian Louboutin’s SS2014 shoes yesterday... and oh boy,  next season looks set to be a frenzied season of prints, colours (especially turquoise) and textures.

One of the most memorable pair that caught my eye was not because it had an outlandish design... but it reminded me of another designer’s work from Fall Winter 2013. We have another case of ‘great minds think alike’?

Woven leather/silk made to resemble ‘cheap’ laundry bag checks pattern caused a buying frenzy at Céline this Fall Winter 2013. But the pieces were made for ladies and guys who want a piece of the ‘cheap chic’ action were left in the lurch.

But hold your horses guys... cos’ it’s Christian Louboutin to the rescue. Check out Christian Louboutin’s Spring Summer 2014 Mens Dada Flat in Multicolour. Red, white and blue woven leather pattern closely resembles Phoebe Philo’s Celine creations... but who cares... the pattern translating on classic Christian Louboutin mens shoes looked absolutely outstanding and definitely a statement piece for warm weather days to come. The tassels on those loafers even spot a clever touch of spike details to give it that Christian Louboutin edge!

For staunch supporters of originality... then go for the yellow, white and black pair which is equally interesting in it’s refreshing colour combination.

The woven pattern in both colours also comes in Louis Men’s Flat Primevere Trainers... so a sportier option is available should you want a more wearable option.

Both designs retail for SGD1500 and is already on waitlist at Preorder starts in Singapore’s boutique now. Pop by the store soon!

Below: Spikes on the tassels of Christian Louboutin Dada Flat in Multicolour to give it that signature Louboutin edge!

Source: Christian Louboutin

Thursday, November 28, 2013

D I Y / Layered Glass Picture Frame

 photo LA02.jpg

 photo LA03.jpg

 photo LA01.jpg

Assemble the glass squares and rectangles with a picture in between and clip together. I framed this snapshot I took of Romeo's new haircut instead of the usual taping it to the wall. Next thing I'm doing is adding more glass and one or two more pictures to have them overlapping and looking like a 3D collage.
/ a couple of pieces of glass
/ a clip
/ a picture

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A C C E S S O R I E S / A Rock On Your Finger

 photo loveaestheticsrock0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsrock00.jpg
Like tiny mountains forming a rocky and rough landscape, these rings lie randomly on my desk. They were part of the graduation collection of Rianne Suk, a friend of a friend, who let me borrow a few this week. I love the references to nature in Rianne's collection titled 'Earthly Prothesis'; from the rocky shapes in which she molded the fabric around the body to the actual pieces of french chalk(these stones with marble like veins in them) left raw and unrefined on the fingers of her models. For now her pieces can be ordered upon request.

Coach The Large Clutchable

Below: Check out Coach's new 'The Large Clutchable' in leopard which I spotted while shopping this Saturday... I love the foldover design with a modern minimalist look!
Below: Discreet in branding and making a strong style statement thru design is what draws me to this clutch bag... Coach's The Large Clutchable also comes in pebbled leather in gorgeous fall-ready colours.... The Alpine Moss is my favourite:-)
Coach Fall Winter 2013 The Large Clutchable

December is fast approaching next week... And I am sure many of you are swarmed with year end party plans. What better way to make some style statement than to carry a great looking bag that compliment those gorgeous outfits.

I would say a clutch is the best option for these special occasions as they do not hinder any movement (you will be dancing and socialising, and believe me, big bags are too troublesome) and yet carry just enough for all your party needs.

While shopping over the weekend, I found a great candidate that serves up both function and style in one design. Check out Coach’s new Large Clutchable in Leopard (SGD1575) with a foldover zipped design. Subtle but outstanding with the very on-trend animal print for Fall Winter 2013... this clutch bag is sure to get well deserving attention at any turn. Measures 40cm (L) x 18cm (H) x 5cm (W), this women’s design will also work perfectly for the boys. I tried on the clutch bag and it’s love at first sight!

If animal prints are too overwhelming for your tastes... then get those pebbled leather versions (SGD975) in colours of Ivory, Oxblood or Alpine Moss which boast minimalist chic with discreet branding. No longer are blatant logo blasting a cool way to make an impression, but now tasteful and subtle designs speak volumes of good taste.

I love the Alpine Moss green. And I am all for the unique zipper tab with long leather strips as an interesting and ingenious detail:-) Well done again, Coach:-P

Below: Made for ladies but the generous size works well on guys too! This Ivory coloured version is pure and chic:-)

Monday, November 18, 2013

W E A R I N G / Underdressing

 photo loveaestheticscortezpt20.jpg

 photo loveaestheticscortezpt02000.jpg
Underdressing/dressing down this feminine and somewhat exposing high slit skirt with a loose sweatshirt, a saggy ponytail and my new cortez trainers.

/ Just found out that Love Aesthetics was nominated for the Vixen award of best international blog, what an honor! If you have 30 spare seconds you can vote for my blog here. ♥
sweatshirt: courtesy of Shalowww
shoes: Nike Cortez
skirt: Asos (similar)
bag: &OtherStories

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A C C E S S O R I E S / Cortez

 photo loveaestheticscortez0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticscortez00.jpg
All you nineties kids must remember these. It took me a while to track down a pair in my size on the internet, as no shoe store seems to carry these anymore. When I first put them on and looked down to my feet I got overwhelmed with a deja vu taking me back to 1999. Which was the last time I wore this exact pair, they were my favorite sneakers. I remember wearing them every single day and when they started to fall apart I got my mom to buy me the exact same pair (though with a shiny silver swoosh this time).

About the MMM give away/
Thank you all for leaving such supportive and appreciative messages. I read every single one of them. I can still not wrap my head around how many comments were left. Blogging usually only consists of me and my computer and it is so nice to hear from all of you guys on the other side of the screen. It has become a bit emotionally tough to choose only one person to send it to, as so many of you want and deserve it so badly; specially the hard working students on a low budget or the people who live somewhere where Margiela is not available.
Nike Cortez
(found some here, here, here, here)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Valextra Large B-Shopping East West Tote

Below: New bag obsession... Valextra Large B-shopping East West Tote has a gender neutral appeal with it's structured construction and contemporary details... Love this one in havana brown grained leather:-)
Valextra Large B-Shopping East West Tote

These past weeks have been a busy one for Singapore’s retail scene. Not only are major department stores, such as Robinsons, reopening with bigger and better shopping concepts, new brands such as COS, Repetto and the highly anticipated Valextra opened their doors to Singapore shoppers as well.

Making my rounds yesterday to check out all these newly minted shopping destinations... as expected, I was not spared the temptations while braving these ‘wallet-precarious’ shopping heavens.

Valextra... Valextra... Valextra.... why does thee have to stock such a gorgeous bag the likes of this large B-shopping East West Tote? Crafted with light-weight grained leather in a variety of gorgeous colours... the Valextra Large B-Shopping East West Tote has a modern structured silhouette, perfect for work and play. The external buckled straps with pale gold flip clasp does remind me of a certain iconic handbag, but the flat handles and contemporary details sets it apart enough to have an identity of its own. The roomy interiors with a convenient open top closure and 2 internal zipped pockets ensure you stay organised while holding aplenty. I especially love the havana brown version of the bag which is rich and versatile... even the boys can work this bag!

The size of 39cm(w) x 28cm(h) x 21.5cm(d) is close to a men’s briefcase  proportions and the no-frills detailing all contribute to the gender neutral appeal of the bag. Retails for SGD4850. Pop by the new Valextra boutique at Paragon Shopping Mall, Singapore and adore this arm candy’s beauty for yourself!

Below: Valextra opens its first store in Singapore at Paragon Shopping Mall... remember to check out this Large B-shopping East West Tote while you are there! Alternatively, Net-A-Porter stocks this bag in Lobster ( Orange) for USD2660. CLICK HERE to check out the bag.

Friday, November 15, 2013

L I F E / Factory - [+ small Maison Martin Margiela giveaway]

 photo loveaestheticsfactory0.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsfactory00.jpg

 photo loveaestheticsfactory.jpg
Last month, my workspace looked like a little factory with rolls of felt, piles of cut fabric all over and a sewing machine instead of a computer on the desk. I was making the bags in which the new Maison Martin Margiela Replica scents would be presented to the press, kind of like a packaging for a packaging. The fragrances division of Maison Martin Margiela saw the DIY I made a while ago and commissioned me to make it for the entire fashion press of The Netherlands and Belgium. You can imagine my excitement.

About the fragrances_
Romeo appropriated the 'Jazz club' and my personal favorite is the musky 'Lazy Sunday Morning'. Right now, the beautiful bottle of 'Promenade in the gardens' sits unused on the shelf. So if you like flowery scents with a slight hint of fresh leaves, leave your email in the comments below. At the end of the week I will pick someone who can put it to good use and send it over inside a little felt bag.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Coach Bleecker Metropolitan Bag

Below: I have a fascination with work bags... and Coach's FW2013 Mens Bleecker Metropolitan Bag is my next obsession:-P WIll Chalker looking suave and professtional with the bag...
Coach Fall Winter 2013 Mens Bleecker Metropolitan Bag

I must admit I have a fascination with work bags. Although my office dress code do not require ties and shirts... and hence a briefcase to match...  I still value the importance of a good work bag that is professional, stylish and yet functional. A tall order? No... not when you have been browsing thru Coach’s range of well priced mens office arm companions. Coach’s designs have improved tremendously since several seasons ago and their leather bags often retain a handsome yesteryear charm that evokes a classic vibe.

For Fall Winter 2013, I am loving the new Coach Bleecker Metropolitan Bag. Featuring the now very popular multi-compartment designs (Prada, Mulberry, Saint Laurent all have bags with this feature), the Coach Bleecker Metropolitan Bag keeps you organised so you can commute with ease day to day. 2 side zipped pockets and a roomy central compartment (with magnetic closure) safekeep all your belongings in seperate spaces for greatest convenience. The masculine and professional exterior look professional out and about your workplace. I love the tan brown, FAWN colour which is versatile and yet not corporate boring.

Sling on the shoulder strap or hand carry... this is a perfect work bag for any busy urban executives! Not convinced yet? Male model, Will Chalker demonstrates the charm of the bag in Coach’s latest Fall Winter 2013 ‘New York Stories’ ad campaign. I am sold. (Retails for SGD1120)

Below: Coach Bleecker Metropolitan Bag features a multi-compartment design which is highly functional and keeps you organised at all times! I love the shoulder strap and magnetic closure which makes it easy to retrieve any work related items while on the go!

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Microfiber Twist and Dry Hair Wrap - Varied Colors

Microfiber Twist and Dry Hair Wrap - Varied Colors
Can be used as either a hair wrap or spa towel.
This extraordinary hair wrap that you slip over wet
hair...then twist, loop & it's there to stay! The Hair Wrap's tapered
design allows a perfect fit on your head, an it's lightweight,
not bulky lik

Micro Touch Max Hair Remover- colors may vary

Micro Touch Max Hair Remover- colors may vary
The Micro Touch Max easily removes unwanted hair. Gets as close as a blade, yet it's safe to the touch.

Organize It All Hair Care Rack

Organize It All Hair Care Rack
This Hair Care Rack allows you to store your gel, blow dryer, and curling iron all at once. It's a great spacesaver and design for your bathroom.

L'Oreal Paris Vive Pro Color Vive Shampoo, Regular Hair, 13-Fluid Ounce

L'Oreal Paris Vive Pro Color Vive Shampoo, Regular Hair, 13-Fluid Ounce
Frequently color-treated hair is more likely to be dry, porous and brittle, and the color can fade when exposed to damaging environmental elements. After using Color Vive shampoo and conditioner, hair is replenished with moisture and is protected fro

Monday, November 11, 2013

Super Short Hairstyles

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Super Mario Plush - 5" Ghost Boo Soft Stuffed Plush Toy Japanese Import

This Super Mario Boo plush toy is an official, licensed product made by San-ei and imported from Japan. San-ei Super Mario plush toys are high-quality, well-made, and safe products. This item measures approximately 5 inches along the longest dimensio

NowAdvisor®Q5 CREE 240 Lumen LED Bike Bicycle Headlight Torch

NowAdvisor®Q5 CREE 240 Lumen LED Bike Bicycle Headlight Torch

Material: anodized aviation aluminum alloy 2

Lamp:super bright with CREE Q5 LED
Brightness :80-240 lumens brightness about super good

Switch: Tail Push Button Switch

Length: 11.5cm (zoom out), 10.5cm (zoom

Super Pet CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop Accessory Kit 2

Super Pet CritterTrail Loop-d-Loop Accessory Kit 2
Critter trail accessory kits offer an easy way to expand any critter trail habitat. Accessory expansion kit 2 offers a great way to create extra room to roam for your pet hamster, mouse, or gerbil. Includes a great assortment of connector tubes, fun-